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Loggerhead® Club & Marina joins the Shark Free Marina Initiative

Loggerhead Club and Marinas, operated by Seven Kings Holdings group, have today made a corporate decision to join Shark-Free Marinas. This means that all 13 locations are now registered with SFMI. We would like to extend a peremptory congratulations for being the first corporately owned chain of marinas to join SFMI. It's not surprising that Loggerhead signed on, after all they already participate in the Florida Clean Marinas program and regularly participate in environmental programs concerning Floridas waterways. Shark-Free Marinas is a division of The Humane Society of the United States and has a singular purpose, to reduce worldwide shark mortality.

Registered 'Shark-Free' marinas participate in a voluntary program under which they agree to prohibit sharks from being harvested at their facility. Working in tandem with businesses and fishermen we develop sensible protocols under which threatened species of shark are permitted to recover and replenish their stocks. Currently between 60 and 100 million sharks are slaughtered worldwide each year. This massive cull of apex predators is unsustainable and poses a serious threat to the oceans health.

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The Loggerhead Club & Marina™ brand is owned by Seven Kings, Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, a premier marina and development company of independently owned and operated South Florida luxury marinas serving the Southwest Florida boating and East Coast Florida marina industry.
Our South Florida Marina locations include Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - St. Pete,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Daytona Beach,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Vero Beach,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Palm Beach Gardens,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Riviera Beach,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Lantana,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - South Lantana,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Hollywood,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Aventura,  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Miami  Loggerhead Club & Marina™ - Lake Okeechobee
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